Traditionally in Greece, lovers used to exchange love messages written with pen on the Lacta chocolate's paper wrapper. This trend had been celebrated in TV commercials for decades. A recent change to a plastic wrapper, meant people couldn't use Lacta as a medium for love messages any more.

Enter the Lacta Mobile App, that allows people to compose messages on their smartphones and then send them to their loved ones, by selecting from their Facebook friends.

The recipient gets notified to download the app in order to see the "hidden" message displayed on a Lacta chocolate through Augmented Reality, thus recreating the tradition in the modern age, while also driving sales of chocolates!

Write your message. Type your message and see how it
appears on the Lacta bar.
When your message is ready,
press the "Sent" button.
Choose a friend. Who is the recipient of your message?
Find the name within your Facebook
friends list and click on it.
Your friend sees the message on the Lacta bar! The recipient will receive a Facebook notification and, after downloading
the app, the camera of their mobile will automatically turn on.
By holding the Lacta chocolate bar of their choice firmly in front of
the camera, they will see your message appear on it!